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Quebec and Canada are societies justifiably considered as open to sexual and gender diversity. In comparison to the prevailing situation a few decades ago and the one that currently predominates in other countries, LGBTQ people here have made gains in achieving rights and a degree of societal recognition. Despite this, however, they continue to face situations in which they are demeaned, rejected and belittled, depriving them of the full exercise of their rights in a number of areas in their lives. This website presents the research project Understanding Inclusion and Exclusion of LGBTQ People (UNIE‑LGBTQ) aimed at documenting this reality and proposing possible solutions…

Over the course of the project’s seven years (2016-2023), the following questions will be examined:

  • What forms of exclusion do LGBTQ people face, from the most subtle to the most blatant, at work, in their family and in their social networks?

  • How do they experience social inclusion?

  • How do situations of inclusion and exclusion differ according to their age, life trajectories, social backgrounds and living environments?

  • Do the public policies implemented in Quebec and Canada aimed at ending discrimination achieve their objectives of social equality? Do they produce unintended effects? Do particularly vulnerable groups get overlooked?

Responding to these questions depends on a constant interaction of knowledge gained from academic sources, intervention settings and experience. Backed by an extensive research partnership, this project will support the development and improvement of policies, programs and services affecting LGBTQ populations. Using an innovative approach of knowledge modeling, we will also be able to design webinars and online training sessions (MOOC), accessible remotely and for free, in order to satisfy the vast needs related to raising awareness and training in regards to sexual and gender diversity.

You can discover the UNIE-LGBTQ project and follow our work as it progresses by visiting the site regularly. As the project proceeds, we will also let you know about ways in which you can be a part of it as well.

Welcome to the UNIE-LGBTQ project website!

Martin Blais and Isabel Côté

UNIE-LGBTQ Project Co-directors

PS: Most of the pages on this site have been or will be translated, as will the research briefs and some of the newsletters. Simply click on « English version » at the top of the page to access the content available in English.

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