Academic Meeting Bursary

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UNIE-LGBTQ bursary to support participation in academic meetings

Offer of bursaries to support participation in academic meetings to present results (empirical, methodological or other) related to the UNIE-LGBTQ project.

This bursary aims at fostering participation in academic meetings as part of the UNIE-LGBTQ partnership project. Based on an assessment of the jury, the amounts awarded to applicants provide a maximum financing of $1000 per event.

Deadlines for submitting applications in 2019-2020:

Fall: September 20, for meetings taking place between October and January
Winter: January 27, for meetings taking place between February and May
Summer: May 19, for meetings taking place between June and September.

Students can submit an application even if they are still waiting for acceptance. The student’s application could therefore be approved under condition their presentation be accepted. The bursary will only be given out with proof of acceptance.


Submit your application

Eligibility requirements

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student at one of the universities of the UNIE-LGBTQ project (Université du Québec à Montréal, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Université Laval, University of Ottawa, York University, McGill University, TÉLUQ, Université d’Angers, Université de Genève, Université Libre de Bruxelles) and work with a co-investigator of the UNIE-LGBTQ team at your university; OR be an undergraduate or graduate student in another university and be co-supervised by a SAVIE-LGBTQ co-researcher;


  • The presentation has not been published;


  • Participate as a lead author at an academic meeting.

Eligible expenses

The eligible expenses are:

  • travel costs for meetings taking place outside of the city of the student’s university (economy class).
  • accommodation expenses (lodging and meals) for meetings taking place outside of the city of the student’s university, for the days of the conference (maximum one night before).
  • registration fees.

All receipts and supporting documents (including boarding passes for airplane trips) must be submitted in order to receive funding. The reimbursement request must be made no later than 3 months after participating in the meeting.

Applicant file

The file must include:

  • A summary of the presentation submitted to the evaluation committee of the academic event;
  • the signed and completed form (the information on the budget must be complete and meet the standards indicated on the form);
  • for transportation, accommodation and registration costs, documents supporting the requested amounts;
  • proof of the meeting’s nature (excerpt of the official program or website specifying the nature and objectives of the meeting as well as the composition of the academic or organizing committee) and scope (international: participants from at least 3 countries; national: participants from a number of a country’s provinces/states);
  • proof of applicant’s role in the meeting (official letter of acceptance, extract of the official program, etc.);
  • an academic transcript showing the cumulative average (photocopies and online transcripts accepted).

In the documents you attach to the file, highlight or underline the elements relevant to the assessment of the request.

If any document is missing, the candidate will not be considered.

If the documents are not yet available, mention it in the candidate file (otherwise, the file will be considered incomplete and therefore ineligible) and send the documents to the UNIE-LGBTQ team as soon as they as available.

It is important to submit your file before the deadline, even if you have not yet received the official letter of acceptance.

Selection criteria

  • Excellence in the candidate’s academic record;
  • Nature and scope of the academic meeting (priority is given to meetings with an international scope, involving people from at least 3 different countries), handling specific themes and involving university researchers from a number of institutions);
  • The selection method of the presentation or poster session (priority is given to presentations selected by a committee of peers or keynote lectures presented with an invitation from the organizing committee);
  • Role in the meeting (eligible functions are those of speaker or presenter of a poster session).


There are three deadlines each year for submitting an application:

  • one in September, for meetings taking place from October to January;
  • one in January, for meetings taking place from February to May;
  • and one in May, for meetings taking place from June to September.

The specific dates can be found at the top of the page.

Application submission and information

Download form

Send your application file to the following email address:

For more information:

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