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CHBAT, Marianne

Marianne Chbat conducts a postdoctoral research under the supervision of Isabel Côté, Professor at UQO’s Department of Social Work and co-researcher on the SAVIE-LGBTQ research project. Her research proposes a comparative analysis of social policies in Quebec, France and Switzerland affecting the protections and recognition of lesbian and lesbian families. This qualitative research seeks to understand how the different forms of social, legal and symbolic exclusion modulate the formations of these families.

Based on the testimonials of non-biological mothers, this study also aims to highlight the ways in which they think and articulate their maternity, their possibilities to (re) define, distance or comply with the assignments historically and socially given to the normative maternal figure in a context where they do not always benefit from legal and / or symbolic recognition. By applying an intersectional reading, which is sensitive to the alloying of multiple identifications of these mothers in terms of gender expression, sexuality, social class, ethnicity and religion, this research seeks to raise the different forms of exclusion by these people and makes explicit the dynamic, relational and oppositional nature of unequal social relations, as well as the issues that underlie these relationships.

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Université du Québec à Montréal
Chaire de recherche sur l’homophobie
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Université du Québec à Montréal
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